We at ABC take pride in your equipment and the installation at your business. We provide the BEST installation in the industry to limit repairs and downtime for you. Most of our lines are stainless steel and we do not just bundle up a bunch of poly tubing and hose like ALL of our competitors and put it in a bundle so you can find the leak when it springs a hole!
A Totally Tommy Pre Engineered Building is ready for you!

A Totally Tommy system can be put together in any configuration with a convenience store, drive up coffee and/or gas island. Complete Buildings are pre engineered and can save time on construction and planning as well as architectural fees. These washes have the capacity to wash 15,000-50,000 cars per month!

Washworld Profile and Razor
are the best Automatics in the industry!


Washworlds Virtual Attendant Technology is the head of the pack when it comes to ultimate reliability. These Soft Foam or touchless machines can automatically reset and test themselves after an error to ensure fault was not due to a customer error. Machine will restart after test if all systems check out. Washview remote allows you to see your wash from anywhere on your smartphone!

HydroSpray Self Service Equipment


Hydrosprays self service equipment utilizes 1 pump for all functions through the spray gun. Utilizing a VFD to control pump speed, we can run all functions with the pump and make any function different pressures. An example of this is the use of spot free water at 500-700 psi for a greater customer experience at your wash! Pumps are direct drive so there are no belts to wear out or get misaligned.

ABC Custom Equipment


We can customize a wash that will fit the application of whatever it is you want to clean. We recently built a wash to clean the world's tallest observation wheel-The High Roller at The Linq in Las Vegas.